Federation Square Bells

Ding, dong, ding, dong, music makes a lovely song…

Federation Bells-3

Hidden behind the bold building of Federation Square, within minutes walk from Flinders Street Station lies the boardwalk that leads to one of the nicest views around Melbourne. DSC02183

With the Yarra river on one side, the city scape on another, yet still hidden from the hustle and bustle of the traffic, the Federation Square Bells ring out melodies composed by the general public like clockwork, three times a day for an hour each time.


Catching the sunset in the winter between 5 and 6pm with the music in the background is a sight to behold.

Feast your ears upon the sound…

And just in case you stumble across Birrarung Marr park, make sure to look closer because you might just miss and walk right past the bells as they are hidden between bushland and elevated away from the river.

Let me know! Did you go to see them? Do you want to see them?

Let the magical explorationing roll on… Thats all folks!



May the forces be with you…I mean me…in June


What a road of explorationing this has been! Ups, downs, lefts, rights, spinnings of the round and square types, and grammatically incorrect speakings. All for the love of Me!bourne 😉

So month by month, event by event, location by location, some pretty awesome things about Me!bourne have been showcased on Authentic Me!bournian.

But life twists, turns, slaps you in the face and then drops you mid air while expecting you to hit the ground running. And I knew that it would turn into that…to an extent…

I even prepared!

I made a schedule! “AAAaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” (imagine beautifully sounding choral ahhs inserted here)


Well that failed miserably.

Because who lives according to schedules anymore anyway??? Only THE WHOLE WORLD -minus me of course, because it seems as though, for the very reason that the word “schedule” has entered my life, for the simple fact that I have attempted a schedule, the smallest fibres of my being are now rebelling…yes, REBELLING I tell you!.. and doing everything in their power to make out of me a strong, faithful, unchanging, unmoving believer of ‘schedules exist for the sole purpose of lowering my self esteem and drive to success”.

Because the more I fail the less I want to try.

And somewhere out there, the inventor of the word and concept is basking in the evilest of laughs while singing

“Another One Bites the Dust”



So to that I say,

I’m bullet proof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away
You shoot me down, but I won’t fall
I am titanium
You shoot me down, but I won’t fall I am titanium


I’m a survivor
I’m not gon give up
I’m not gon stop
I’m gon work harder
I’m a survivor
I’m gonna make it
I will survive
Keep on survivin’

Ok, ok, I can hear you say it… “seriously? can you just give us the info for May-June minus the CRAZY?

Cos I think your crazy,

I think I’m crazy,

Yeah I think were crazy,



Ps: this is what happens when I don’t sleep at night.



I have been thinking, and pondering, and thinking some more…and it looks like May-June will be dedicated to SOLO activities (insert pun song here)…(or I could just do it for you :p

“I’m solo,

I’m riding solo,

I’m riding solo,

I’m riding solo,


Yes! You heard right. All things that require ‘one plus none’ to do around Melbourne.

So stay tuned, in more than one way…because

You can’t stop the music

No body can stop the music


…and more explorationings to be of the showing to the case to come! PEEL THEM EYES!



Flower Show



Or are they?

Flowers are pretty high on the list! Take it from a girl. They are important. 😉

Flowers And speaking of flowers, where better to go than the Melbourne Flower Show?

Yup. Thats what I did.

Luckily the gravitational forces of Melbourne were in our favour and I could actually wear short sleeves for the day. It was nice, sunny, warm and beautiful outside. The show was a major hit with a massive crowd showing up (not such a plus for me, I felt claustrophobic, people-phobic and most other types of phobic out there you could think of). The flowers on show were beautiful. The creativity really made the show inspiring, beautiful and magical.

But enough of me blabbing on about how much I loved it, let the photos speak for themselves.

But the show didn’t showcase just flowers. There were a lot of art pieces on display also. Some strange, some beautiful and some that will make you tilt your head to one side and think deeply about which category to place it in. Take a look…

Some amazing outdoor decor ideas…I seriously want my house to be just one of these outdoor spaces. I promise I will be happy and I shall need nothing more.

And to top the show off, the building that housed the show was nothing short of stunning. Awe inspiring even.

As you can tell, I had a great time.

Let me know what you think!

Happy flower thinking.


April entered without knocking…


Hello dear readers,

Did anyone else notice how April has managed to sneak its way in without approval or warning? Not just sneak in but run right through. It is now the 8th of April and I don’t know when the month began. Which is why the monthly update of what’s going on in Melbourne is so late. ;(

I feel like I am growing old much faster than I should.

Is it just me or is there never enough time to do the many things we want to do in life?

Anyway… It seems as though the comedy festival has taken no. 1 priority for me this month. Even though it has been on for a few weeks already, I have not managed to get to one singe show. I am determined to see one show at least.

Determined I tell you!


So just a quick reminder, shows are playing all around Melbourne until the 19th of April. Still a couple of weeks left. Get in quick and enjoy the laughter. It might help you warm up in the middle of this terrible weather change that Melbourne is experiencing at the moment. For more information visit here.

That will conclude the absolutes for this month, however, I am introducing a wish list this month. A wish list of other places and things that I would like to visit and achieve this month that are not necessarily a specialty of April.


1. Fed Square Bells. They have been around for a while and I have gone on missions in search of them before but failed miserably. This time around I want to find them, see them, hear them and even possibly compose a piece too. 🙂 Check it out here.

2. La Belle Miette/Little Royal Macaroons. A couple of pretty awesome looking macaroon heavens. Located at and near Melbourne Central.

3. Botanical Gardens. Autumn is in full swing and I bet the Royal Botanical Gardens are blessing the world with colour at the moment.

4. Ride around the city. How much could you see in one day? I would love to see how much sightseeing I could squeeze in one day on the bicycle.

What plans do you have for this month? Is there anything you would like for me to check out this month? Don’t forget to check the Calendar throughout the month as I might be adding events as we go.

Let me know what you think. 🙂


Brighton Beach



Although not going back toooooooo far, it is something that has been on my mind for a while. I wanted to tell you a little about the wonderful Brighton Beach. And yes it is a place I have briefly mentioned in a previous post. If you want to see that post, video and other things I may have posted that don’t come to mind at this particular moment in time, click here.


If you ever come to Melbourne make sure to add this to your “MUST SEE” spots! Hidden behind a line of trees that separates the world from the beach, it really is a gem of a find.


The beach doesn’t have massive waves like Bells Beach (more on this soon), but it is cleaner than St Kilda, Altona and other beaches around. This is mainly due to the way the coast line bends in Melbourne. It causes the waves to come on a different angle from the “big blue” and they generally don’t reach the shore.


The sand will never be like on the ‘gold coast’ and the weather will never be anything other than “Melbourne Weather”, 7 seasons in one day.

But Brighton Beach is not to be underestimated. It stands on the same step right next to the big shots, in a place rightfully deserved, as you won’t find another place like it.


Brighton has a small shore line being watched 24/7 by the colourful and creatively decorated bathing boxes. I love these boxes. You can make a great photo any day with these colours as a back drop or let your imagination go wild when you doze off into your day dream just gazing at them. Find yourself torn between the desire to watch the waves bring in small creatures of the ocean, or the colourful bath house boxes.


Further up the coast lies a small opening where your furry little friends are welcomed and allowed to join the party by digging their claws into the sand and even enjoy a swim with their master.

Close by you may also find small picnic areas, showers and the Brighton beach strip with cafes and other small shops (stores for our American friends).


Just a short tram ride from the city, a skip hop and a jump away from St Kilda, it is like ‘time travel to’ a different world all together.


Let me know, is it a place you want to go to? What else would you like me to showcase from Melbourne Australia?

Don’t forget to share with your friends 😉


Where did my imagination go? IMAGINATUS DEPARTUS

wishing you a-2

When was the last time you were a superhero?

This is a question I never asked myself. In fact, I have always been proud of myself in that respect. I have a great imagination. I can write about anything and pull things out from thin air. I can improvise in musical things. I can create people games and get a group of people to enjoy themselves and be entertained. But when was I “superwoman” last?

It’s an interesting thought when you sit down and really think about it.

Thanks to my little three or so years old cousin, yesterday I was a ranger and we went through the jungle. We saw snakes, jumped from cliff to cliff, went through lakes and waters, survived rain and wind. I even became the wind that carried superman, I was an unnamed superhero and even became an airplane. I rode on a  crocodile, and saw the largest animals in the world! Amazing stuff I tell you!

The wind was definitely underneath my little superman and most definitely not in my lungs. I was so out of breath! Unfit! But the thing that surprised me most was how I managed to pick him up again and again even though my body was telling me I was dying. Seriously. I was DYING!

So I wanted to come up with a cure. A cure for “Imaginatus Departus” (the departure of the imagination). Just for fun. Serious fun that we should all be having regardless of our age or responsibility or frame of mind, status, appearance, ext.

So here goes…


Have some fun! Even if it is the middle of winter! (which it was, and I froze)

1. Don’t mind what people think.


No caption needed. LOL

2. Express you favourite things.


Yes ladies and gentlemen. Go hug a tree JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN!

3. Explore nature like a three year old.


The wind beneath Superman!

4. Spend time with a three year old pleasing them and giving in to their imagination. You never know, it might just rub off on you 😉


Superwoman I tell you! SUPERWOMAN!

5. De-stress. For some minutes a day, don’t think about your daily worries. Stay stress free in a world of wonder!

I may seem slightly crazy when I tell you to do these things, but it’s just another way of saying “be yourself”. The problem is we often forget who we are because we keep before our eyes the expectations of others.

I wonder…what would the world be like if everyone lived by my expectations? And my expectations were that one day a week the world stopped working. Period. Every day for an hour or two we were all outside playing superheroes and airplanes.

A wonder world indeed. Try it sometimes. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you gain.

What imagination game should I try next? Let me know. Tell me your story. Do you agree? Where did my imagination go? Where did your imagination go?


Japanese Summer Fest!

Before I start, let me just say…THAT WAS THE BEST FESTIVAL EVER!!!

And so… why only for one day? Why for only 7 or so hours? Why not for a weeeeeeeekkkkkkeeeeeeeennnnnnnddddddddd?

Ok ok..back to my post.

Untitled design-3

This was by far the best festival and the one festival I enjoyed most. Also, the one where I stayed longest, walked furtherest, ate the most, and was mesmerised the most.

The festival began with a bang, literally, traditional drumming, continued with an impressive show list of performers both from Japan and from Melbourne, offered Japanese style dancing lessons and so much more.

With people dressed in kimonos and garments of the sort all around, Fed Square quickly became painted with colour, laughter and excitement. Cosplay was quite big also, with Sailor Moon making an appearance (not officially organised but still nice) Bleach characters, Geisha, ninja and the lot.

Stalls offered everything and anything beginning with Japanese hot foot, Japanese candy and treats, Manga books, Anime DVD’s, Japanese style fans, Kanji writing lessons, Kimonos for sale and for hire, Japanese printed materials, hair accessories and anything else you could think of to associate with Japan. If I was to write everything, there would not be enough time in a day for you to read it all. Here are some of my favourite highlights. :0)


A souvenir

This fan may have cost me a little more than its worth, but I loved how friendly the service was. I had originally wanted my name translated and written on the fan but was soon offered a lesson in how to write it and so, at the top, crooked as it may be, in my own name in Japanese writing hand written by yours truly 🙂


The city all dressed up

Taking a stroll through the city we saw the people express their roots as never before. The Kimono’s were beautiful.


So life like it was scary

Fist stop at the festival. The mannequin was so lifelike it scared me to begin with. This stall was selling Japanese material. 🙂





Entertainment this year was really great! There was traditional Japanese singing, traditional instrument playing that varied from traditional to some western influence on the music and even a strong pop influence at times; to drumming, geisha dancing and a group dance-along.


Ninja from back in the day

The Japanese are very dedicated. This is a man dressed as a ninja that was there all day. We walked past him countless times. I was in danger of dying from heat, exhaustion, dehydration and possibly even frying to death in that sun, and this man seemed to have no problem at all. I guess they must do some super training to be able to withstand such harsh conditions I was crumbling in. I mean, he is a ninja after all.

This was so much fun. They teach you three dances and then you can take part in a huge dance in the middle of Federation Square.

Sad to say, but my kimono days only lasted a fair 15 minutes, but it was one of the things I had wanted to do for such a long time. I can finally tick it off my list. Kimono’s were selling for the price of an average dress and were hiring for much much less.

Kimonos are a bonding experience to large degree. It takes someone an average of 10-15 minutes to help you dress into it. There are many layers to it, many ropes scarves strings and wraps and I don’t see how one could put it on alone (unless you get some that have fake bows and back pieces).

Needless to say, the lady at the rental place was super nice, helped everyone that came to  her stall and truly made that experience so much better.

It was an attraction and a great highlight for me.

They even took a polaroid (or two in my case) and gave it as a souvenir.


Japanese pancake

Finishing the night with a Japanese pancake at Lentils as anything. It seems that I didn’t take enough good quality food photos.


Ending the night with a stolen look at the fireworks from the Moomba festival on the bridge. It is amazing as to how many people and cars fin on it all in one go. Have a look…closely…at the bridge.


What a day. My favourite festival 🙂

So did you go? Do you wish you had gone? Leave a comment below 🙂